Specialist supplier of controls & Instrumentation components and systems.

At Aeco, we specialize in the service of control valves and controls and instrumentation projects

Smart Manufacturing (or Industry 4.0) is continuing to disrupt industries. Computers can now be connected to machines that communicate with other machines to help human operators make decisions without human involvement. Aeco helps industrial manufacturers accelerate into this future with our controls and instrumentation engineering services. We provide services for green-field, conversion and upgrading projects.

In addition to helping build new systems, our service teams are specialist of the maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) of control valves. Other specialized services are also available, such as satellite deposition, hard chroming, extra-surface hardening work and very precise machining capability.  Our technical teams can review and understand plant owner’s requirements to source compatible or better materials to meet severe chemical and flow conditions. 

In the field of instrumentation works, Aeco are specialist in pneumatic control systems, field calibration for pressure, temperature and flow.


We provide a wide range of technical services including maintenance, repair, overhaul, reconditioning and testing of:

  • Control Valves (Globe, Plug, Cage, butterfly, ball and safety valves). Including hydro & leak test.
  • Safety Relief Valve Control Valves. Including pop & leak test
  • DCS & PLC
  • Analyser
  • Controllers and Transmitters calibration & reconditioning
  • Shutdown Maintenance (SDM), Repairs, servicing, installation, testing and Calibration work
  • Loop Check, calibration, commissioning  & plant start up services
  • Calibration of weighing Machine


Aeco engineer, procure, construct and maintain factory automation systems. Our services include retrofitting, testing and commissioning of systems for regular operations or shut down maintenance (SDM).

  • Electrical & Instrumentation  services
  • Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) systems including design and programming
  • Control systems including conversions, programming of touch screens for monitoring & controlling process, data collection, graphic display, historical trending, alarming, data archiving, unlimited  I\O point set up.
  • Factory Automation Systems
  • Control Panels
  • Distribution boxes
  • Communication and instrumentation equipment

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