Pneumatic Industrial Automation Solutions

About SMC

SMC, a global leader in pneumatic control instruments, has been at the forefront of automation solutions since 1959. With a commitment to innovation and environmental sustainability, SMC has revolutionized industries by providing state-of-the-art automatic control equipment that prioritizes efficiency and precision.

Why Choose SMC

  • Global Leadership: Recognized as the world’s No.1 comprehensive manufacturer of pneumatic instruments.
  • Innovative Solutions: Continual investment in R&D to provide advanced and efficient products.
  • Environmental Commitment: Pioneering products that reduce environmental burdens and promote sustainability.
  • Extensive Network: Presence in over 80 countries, ensuring global reach with local expertise.
  • Diverse Product Lineup: Over 700,000 items tailored to meet varied industrial needs.
  • Trusted Legacy: Over six decades of experience and dedication to the “customer-first” policy.


  • Automobile
  • Semiconductor
  • Machine Tools
  • Food Processing
  • Medical Equipment
  • Electrical Appliances
  • Industrial Robotics
  • Factory Automation

SMC Product Portfolio

  • Pneumatic Instruments: Advanced tools for automated operations such as pushing, gripping, and turning.
  • Environmental Solutions: Eco-friendly automatic control equipment powered by compressed air.
  • Factory Automation Tools: Comprehensive solutions for labor-saving operations.
  • Actuators & Solenoid Valves: High-quality components for diverse applications.
  • Air Line Equipment: Optimized for efficient compressed air management.
  • Sensors & Temperature Control Equipment: Precision tools for enhanced operational accuracy.
Pneumatic Control Systems
smc pneumatic control systems
Pneumatic Control Peripherals
SMC peripherals