Service Department

We specialized in overhauling and servicing of control valves (Globe, Plug, Cage, butterfly, ball and safety valves).  We focused in repairing of control valves that include value added services like satellite deposition, hard chroming, extra-surface hardening work and very precise machining capability.  We are able to review and understand Customers’ requirement to outsource compatible or better material to meet severe chemical and flow condition.  Instrumentation works, we are specialized in pneumatic control system, field calibration for pressure, temperature and flow etc.

Maintenance services which includes :
• Control Valves  Overhaul & servicing, Hydro & Leaking testing
• Safety Relief Valve Overhaul & servicing, Pop & Leaking testing
• DCS & PLC Maintenance & servicing
• Analyser Maintenance & servicing
• Controllers and Transmitters Calibration & Reconditioning
• Shutdown Maintenance (SDM), Repairs, servicing, installation, testing and Calibration work .
• Loop Check, Calibration, Commissioning  & Plant Start up
• Calibration of weighing Machine


Some of the BIG valves we handled for Our N2 supply customer
Instrument Lab

Engineering Department

Specialize in Design and Control of Factory Automation Systems

Project Services which includes : -  
• Electrical & Instrumentation  services
• Engineering & programming of PLC (Programmable Logic Controller ) systems
• Installation, testing and Commissioning of control systems.
• Packaging shut down Maintenance services .
• Providing Design, Fabrication, Supply repair, maintenance, retro-fitting, Commissioning & maintenance of :
  - Factory Automation Systems
  - Control Systems conversions
  - Distribution Boxes
  - Control Panels
  - Communications and Instrumentation equipments.
• Programming of touch screens for monitoring & controlling process, data collection, graphic display, historical trending, alarming, data archiving, unlimited
  I\O point set up .

Panel Projects for our Food Sector Customer