Since November 2000, AECO was established with the aim to service Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Pharmaceutical and Food Industries especially Jurong Island’s companies in the area of flow control by providing a one stop solution centre.   AECO is organized into 3 main departments, namely:  Sales, Servicing and Engineering Department in order to serve and fulfil our Customer’s needs. 

The company has over the years, firmly established into a reliable contractor of high quality services and built a reputation for delivering proven results.  Our Customers rely on us when it comes to critical, major servicing of valves or modification works.  We provide a wide range of services and applications to meet the ever-growing complexity needs of Customers.

We strongly believe in establishing long term relationship with leading companies will build up the required rapport as to establish a partnership with our Customers.Responsive to our Customer’s needs, understanding their requirement and carefully selecting and implementing new products makes us a great team of flow control specialist.


Our Mission

In Aeco, We strive for the highest professional standards and cost effective solutions for every customer without compromising safety, health and environment.

Our commitment to Customer services has produced as an unrivalled source of in class solution.


Our Vision

To upgrade staff knowledge and skills as to meet the dynamic advancement of technologies in order to be a reliable and reputable one stop solution centre in the industry.

Being Customer-Driven is a core value in AECO, our Customer’s requirements are the driving force behind the moves that make us a company.